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bcakesgrpsm     I’m thrilled you have stopped by. I think we can all agree that babies are wonderful gifts just by themselves, and they bring endless joy. So I wanted to create a place that offers amazing ideas and gifts to help make that transition into parenthood a little easier. You all have a special people in your lives and sooner or later one of them has a “Baby Cakes Adorable Gifts”. Take a peek around and you’ll find some beautiful gifts, helpful ideas, and creative (DIY) Do it your self projects, to get you in the mood to celebrate that new arrival.

At Baby Cakes Adorable Gifts we are passionate about creating unique and exciting gifts for expecting parents.  Our unique baby gifts consist of a unique combination of both elegance and practical use. On the surface they look like flowers or cakes (depending on your selection) but if you “remove a few layers” you’ll see they are actually made of carefully hand rolled baby clothes. Our assortments are literally a gift within a gift.

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